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MOTO-D Single Temp Motorcycle Tire Warmers: v17


Every track day rider and racer knows how significant motorcycle tire warmers are for quicker lap times and improved tire wear. Think MotoGP, World Superbike, MotoAmerica and CCS / WERA – tire warmers are vital to any racers success. Motorcycle tires need heat to reach the proper temperature for optimal grip on the race track. And this is why motorcycle tire warmers are for sale: they provide the optimal solution for this.


 Race-ready MOTO-D “Pro-Series” Single Temp Tire Warmers are Plug & Play:

 Level “H” (Hot for Heat Soak, 185°F / 85°C)


MOTO-D “Pro-Series” S/T Warmers 120/200 fit motorcycle racing tires sized:

  • 120 Front and
  • 180 Rear –
  • 190 Rear –
  • 200 Rear –


Handcrafted by MOTO-D Racing, the “Pro-Series” Single Temperature Tire Warmers and Dual Temperature Tire Warmers feature Carbon Wire Technology, which heats up faster than the less efficient copper wire found in other tire warmer manufacturers. Unlike soft copper wiring, which becomes brittle when hot and quickly deteriorates, MOTO-D’s carbon wiring can be twisted and crushed without failure. The use of Carbon Wire technology aids in saving energy (and gas in generators) by only using 750 watts per pair. The wide coverage ensures even motorcycle rim heating and quick penetration of the tire making MOTO-D the best tire motorcycle tire warmers.

 2-Year “No Hassle” USA Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace, if they fail because YOU left them on and accidentally burnt them out (user negligence), we repair or replace them


Though motorcycle tires continually evolve from companies like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Metzeler and Dunlop, tire temperature will always be vital for improved traction and grip on the track. MOTO-D motorcycle tire warmers were designed maximize tire grip and minimize tire wear. Track tires go through repeated heat cycles, a process coined vulcanization. By maintaining the proper heat throughout the day, your tires will only experience one heat cycle, which can vastly improve longevity. The only solution?

MOTO-D “Pro-Series” Single Temperature Tire Warmers Feature:

  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Durable and Crush-Proof Carbon Wire Technology
  • Single Temperature Heats to 185°F
  • Fits 120 Front Motorcycle Tire and
  • Fits 180/190/200 Rear Motorcycle Tire
  • Total 750 Watts per Set
  • Super Bright Red LED Indicator
  • Usable with All Compounds of Motorcycle Track/Race Tires
  • Extends Tire Life
  • Includes Drawstring Carrying Bag
  • Two-Year “No Hassle” USA Warranty